Delamode – Leadoo

01. 24. 2022

Delamode were looking for a solution to help enhance the user experience of those visiting their website when requesting further information about their services. 

Before discovering Leadoo, the only way a prospective customer could get in touch with us was via a general enquiry email form. 

Leadoo has enabled us to have personalised and dedicated bots on each of our core landing pages where we wish to generate enquiries about our services, making it a user-friendly experience for potential clients. 

The conversion platform has many different bot types that can be used on different pages, from visual to chat and text based. We had assistance in setting up the bots and worked with the team at Leadoo to analyse our bots to see what worked best across our site and implement new suggestions to test which gives the highest conversion rate.

The process of working with Leadoo has been great from the outset. The platform itself is really simple and easy to use enabling the users to build bots themselves. 

We look forward to working with Leadoo to continue to make our website as converting as possible and to make the most out of the reporting features which the platform provides.

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