Delamode London launches intermodal transport solutions for enhanced efficiency and sustainability

07. 07. 2023

Delamode London, a leading provider of logistics and supply chain solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative intermodal transport services. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in Delamode London’s commitment to delivering efficient, reliable, and sustainable logistics solutions to its clients.

Intermodal transport combines multiple modes of transportation, such as road, rail, sea, and air, into a seamless and integrated solution. Delamode London’s intermodal transport services enable businesses to optimize their supply chain operations by harnessing the advantages of different transportation modes. With this offering, Delamode London aims to revolutionize the logistics industry by delivering substantial benefits to its clients.

Key benefits of Delamode London’s intermodal transport solutions include:

Enhanced Efficiency: By utilizing various modes of transportation, Delamode London can optimize routes, streamline operations, and improve the overall efficiency of supply chains. This approach allows for reduced transit times, minimized congestion risks, and enhanced delivery speed, ensuring a competitive advantage for its clients.

Cost Savings: Intermodal transport enables Delamode London to provide cost-effective logistics solutions. By leveraging the most efficient transportation modes for different legs of the journey, the company optimizes costs without compromising service quality. This approach leads to reduced transportation expenses for clients and increased cost-effectiveness in their supply chain operations.

Environmental Sustainability: Delamode London’s intermodal transport services are designed with a strong focus on sustainability. By integrating rail, sea, and other greener modes of transport with road haulage, the company actively contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions and environmental impact. This commitment aligns with the global efforts to build a greener and more sustainable future.

Flexibility and Scalability: With intermodal transport, Delamode London offers clients unparalleled flexibility and scalability. The company can adapt to changing market conditions, capacity requirements, and geographical challenges while maintaining a high level of service. This flexibility ensures that clients can expand their operations and meet their customers’ demands effectively.

Global Connectivity: Delamode London’s intermodal transport services provide seamless access to global markets. By combining different modes of transportation, the company offers comprehensive door-to-door solutions, enabling clients to reach new markets effortlessly and expanding their business opportunities worldwide.

“I am thrilled to introduce our intermodal transport services, representing a significant leap forward in our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable logistics solutions,” said Ed Husselbee, Managing Director of Delamode London. “By leveraging the advantages of multiple transportation modes, we can optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to a more environmentally friendly supply chain. Our intermodal services reflect our dedication to empowering our clients’ success while minimizing our impact on the environment.”Delamode proud to present to the market leading track and trace system in order to track your intermodal shipments in real time, connecting to the GPS of trailers, trains and ferries. Set alerts, instant CMRs/PODs and intergration to your own systems saving time and money.

Intermodal transport solutions are transforming the logistics industry, offering businesses a multitude of benefits, from enhanced efficiency and cost savings to environmental sustainability and global connectivity. By embracing intermodal solutions, companies can optimize their supply chains, reduce expenses, and make significant progress towards achieving their sustainability goals. As businesses increasingly recognize the advantages of intermodal transport, this innovative approach is poised to become a cornerstone of modern logistics, unlocking new opportunities and shaping the future of global trade. To learn more about these services and how they can transform your supply chain, contact us [email protected]

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